We are a mechanical engineering company with many years of experience in industrial projects in Germany and Europe in the areas of engineering, quality and process management. We also have several certifications in management and leadership. We make our experience available to you in the form of further training for you and your employees so that your projects and processes can be implemented innovatively and cost-effectively by competent employees. 

We offer training in the areas of management, processes and quality. This includes in particular management techniques such as TQM, quality methods and techniques. For managers, we offer "Yellow Belt" and "Green Belt" trainings as well as "Process 4.0" trainings to provide you with comprehensive knowledge in the area of process management so that you can implement improvement projects more effectively and better understand changes and their effects in your departments. This will enable managers to conduct audits in their organisation as required by the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Contact us to determine needs-based methodological competencies for your projects.