Multi-chamber container invention for more profitability, productivity and environmental friendliness

When handling liquids or granulates, there is a need for solutions that combine packaging units of the same or different types in containers. Examples include solid foods, beverages, multi-component lacquers and pharmaceuticals.

Patent situation

 We have already filed a patent application for the multi-chamber invention in Germany and at the European Patent Office. In addition, we have applied for design elements of the invention in Europe. A utility model has also already been successfully obtained in Germany.

Risks in these industries

Companies that use packaging for their products, e.g. medicines, or that manufacture or distribute packaging, are exposed to economic and existential risks that can have their causes both inside and outside the company. For example:

Facts and benefits

Our diffusion-tight multi-chamber technology consists of at least two physically, thermally and chemically separated partial chambers. We can increase the number of partial chambers for you as required, depending on the application and requirements. Each partial chamber can be handled independently

Development status

Together with renowned research institutes in northern Germany, we have already successfully demonstrated the market-oriented feasibility study of multi-chamber technology. Manufacturing processes, for example around the stainless steel multi-chamber drinking bottle, have thus already been analysed.

Energy - Process Industry

The key product feature of the multi-chamber invention is the storage of at least two different substances and, more generally, products in the same container. In the energy or process industry, it is often necessary to supply energy to processed products or, conversely, to remove it.


As a rule, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies package their products in individual containers or bottles, regardless of the application and quantity. This is mainly due to the fact that the products offered consist of different chemical bases.

Further areas of application

The core property of the multi-chamber invention leads to further products as well as control products with different functionalities that can be used in different industries, e.g. in the consumer goods and beverage industry as well as in other industries that deal with containers or bottles.

Our offer

We offer users and suppliers of glass containers/bottles/jars and cans, including those in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beverage, food and energy industries, as well as in other sectors, usage rights and development services in order to adapt the multi-chamber container to the individual requirements