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The key product feature of the multi-chamber invention is the storage of at least two different substances and, more generally, products in the same container. In the energy or process industry, it is often necessary to supply energy to processed products or, conversely, to remove it.

The speed of removal or supply can not only be important for the efficiency of a process, but often determines the efficiency, profitability and productivity of a process. The air gaps of the multi-chamber invention can be designed to achieve the highest efficiency in such processes.

Illustration: Section view of an three-chamber container

For example, containers for nuclear waste or large vessels in the container industry or chemical industry must be designed and applied to control the energy process. In some cases, the energy or heat must be dissipated quickly (nuclear waste containers), in other cases, the energy must be provided more quickly and efficiently.

It is precisely these characteristics of multi-chamber technology that guarantee you process innovation as well as an increase in your process efficiency. The result is the improvement of your productivity and thus the improvement of your profitability and your competitiveness.

Contact us if the efficiency of your core processes does not meet your expectations or if you have not yet mastered your (production, manufacturing) processes. We will be happy to advise and support you. Among other things, we also analyze the efficiency of your plant.


Author: Dipl.-Ing. Celestin Fayet, R&D, process, quality consultant and inventor of multi-chamber technology

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