Our project experience in the areas of quality assurance, process optimisation, digital transformation, design and conception as well as strategic planning are the basis for our services for your problem solutions that are effective, efficient and sustainable.

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Celestin Fayet, coach and consultant, is an inventor and multi-certified manager in the areas of project, process, quality and business.




With our process management service, we offer our services to help you successfully implement your process transformation projects. The objectives are improvements in the areas of strategy, finance, sales, innovation, quality development and organisational development to support your growth. 

At Faycestar®-Engineering, we consider quality management to be the cradle of all other scientific fields. The basis of every project is the implicit or explicit and systematic definition of one or more objectives to be achieved. All the other stages of the project are then focused on these objectives to ensure the effective success of the project. 

We come from the field of mechanical engineering and specialise in the strategic and operational development of products and services. In the operational area, we specialise in the qualitative development of products and processes, e.g. in the areas of design and construction, numerical calculation projects, safeguarding of products and production processes. 

We are a mechanical engineering company with many years of experience in industrial projects in Germany and Europe in the areas of engineering, quality and process management. We also have several certifications in management and leadership. We make our experience available to you in the form of further training for you and your employees so that your projects and processes can be implemented innovatively and cost-effectively by competent employees.