Innovation and operational excellence are based on the method of strategic planning, development and design, i.e. from market observation to idea generation and the design of customer-oriented processes. Furthermore, the optimisation of products, processes and quality completes the excellence strategy at Faycestar®



With this service, we support you in increasing internal project and process efficiency and in developing effective measures for defects prevention and continuous improvement. In this way, you avoid complaints and create more product, process and procedure innovations. The best benefit is not only to improve your competitiveness, but also to increase contribution margin, profitability and productivity as well as internal and external customer satisfaction.




FayceStar® I-process

Workshop and consultation at your site. Analysis of the problem area (e.g. production, service processes). Improvement of your processes by reducing costs and set-up times, increasing your process safety as well as work safety and finally increasing your competitiveness.

FayceStar® I-Product

Concept optimization of your current products on the market or in development. Factors such as state-of-the-art technology, quality, costs and performance adjustment play an important role here (remote possible). I contribute to the fact that certain target sizes of your products and customers wishes are reduced in their dispersion and changed at the same time in the desired direction.

FayceStar® I-quality

With this service, I not only support you in discovering the testing and internal project costs, but we also jointly design measures to prevent errors from reaching the customer. Concepts are developed in order to recognize the errors earlier internally. In this way you avoid complaints and their negative consequences.





FayceStar® E-Produktplanung

Here the target customer interesting for you is addressed in order to generate relevant target values or output measured values. Thus customer needs are structured and prioritized for you. As an external employee, I can also support you in your idea-finding workshops.

FayceStar® E-Design

Design of the best concepts based on the identified customer requirements. This also includes the evaluation and optimization of the concepts. 3-D design as well as 3-D printing of relatively smaller components are possible. Consulting on target processes under consideration of lean principles is possible.

FayceStar® E-quality

The planning and implementation of quality measures in development and projects play a strategic role in order to work efficiently and effectively. You will be supported in this process so that the requirements of your target group can be incorporated into the planning at a very early stage. Creation of inspection plans and production control plans.


The individual offers can be offered separately, i.e. independently of each other. In this case, we act as consultants in your project and deliver the agreed results within the specified framework.

Our services can be provided remotely or on-site.