Facts and benefits

Our diffusion-tight multi-chamber technology consists of at least two physically, thermally and chemically separated partial chambers. We can increase the number of partial chambers for you as required, depending on the application and requirements. Each partial chamber can be handled independently

of the others.

Depending on the application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, container and consumer industries and the like, we can design the closure area for you to meet the specific functionality for the packaged products and the needs of your intended target customers.

When our container invention is designed in steel, it becomes a multi-energy zone container with added benefits.

The illustration below shows a labelled cross-section of a three-compartment version of the invention


Illustration: Multi-chamber container with three sub-containers and insulating air gaps


 Advantages and benefits for your company

This new technology enables managers to make strategically effective decisions for further market and sales innovations in the company. The company can do away with outer packaging and instead fill different products in portions in a single bottle. Internally, this means an improvement in operational efficiency. This not only reduces production costs, but also logistics and transport costs. Most importantly, the planned charges for disposable plastic packaging are lower than when using conventional single-chamber bottles. This guarantees a high degree of competitiveness through, among other things, high productivity, a better sustainability image, higher contribution margins and thus an economic profit for the company.


General advantages of the multi-chamber invention


  • The container is simple and material-saving and can be manufactured using common production processes.
  • Liquids or granulates are combined in compact, space-saving and easy-to-handle units.
  • The container enables smaller, hygienic packaging units with optimal material savings and supports ecological action.
  • Thermal insulation allows storage of materials with different temperature ranges.
  • Reduces the number of discarded containers in nature
  • The hybrid container property increases the use and flexibility of container applications


Author: Celestin Fayet, R&D, process, quality consultant and inventor of multi-chamber technology

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