Even the best management strategies, processes and customer orientation approaches will never be sufficient to realize innovation and operational or sales excellence if the "minds" or implementing personnel/staff are not trained for them.

In this particular case, not all training is sufficient, because innovation requires certain tools and development and leadership methods to be effective. For example, creative ideas/solution approaches and new insights are not yet actual innovations.

Certain skills are required to translate ideas into new products, services and processes. Knowledge alone is not enough to generate new applications. But, KNOWLEDGE is the core.

FayceStar® Academy is a service based on innovation to support project owners and employees with special knowledge and tools to become more effective and efficient.

The use of external consultants is also a proven innovation strategy to realize the company's vision more efficiently.


A central component of continuous improvement and innovation is continuous training





FayceStar® A-Process

Training courses or workshops can be individually tailored to the requirements of the participants (company seminar).

  • Kaizen procuctivity and quality improvemment
  • Design for Innovation
  • FEM, CFD
  • Six Sigma (Green & Yellow Belt)
  • QFD
  • Plastics technoöogy (processing, construction)
  • Quality tools & quality management
  • Process 4.0 (Digitization)
  • TRIZ
  • Leadership
  • Innovation management:how it works

FayceStar® A-Quality

The aim is to give companies the opportunity to close know-how gaps more easily or more efficiently in order to realize their innovation projects. Leadership, processes and engineering


FayceStar® A-Engineering


Since the above topics only show examples of my portfolio, we can arrange suitable in-house training for you regarding process work, engineering or quality topics.

The remuneration for this service is partly linked to your satisfaction or the achievement of my goals.